Sunday, March 25, 2007

Things I Have Noticed This Week

Over a week since I last posted. This may be because I was busy at work.

Since my last post I have noticed some things about the world, I shall share them with you.

1. I am getting old and sensible. I suppose it happens to us all eventually. I switched to soft drinks in the early evening during last saturday's rugby marathon, as a result I had a very managable hangover last Sunday.

2. It may be March, but Spring is NOT here yet.

3. The best things to put in round holes are round pegs.

4. Sychronised Swimmers can compete alone. So what then, are they sychronised with?

5. I've been introducted to the singing comedian Stephen Lynch. He's very funny. Why did none of you tell me about him before? There are lots of his videos on you tube. Including this one below.


Matthew said...

The peg/hole thing confused me greatly. It seems McClaren's honymoon period is long gone.

Even if it was more of a weekend stay at a Holiday Inn than a fortnight in the Caribbean.

Billyo said...

My apologies. I wish I have something original to say on the McClaren/England problem, as frankly it's been done to death now.