Friday, March 16, 2007

I HEART the Weekend

In case it's escaped your attention, today is Friday!!

Woo Hoo! Advanced Warning: This is a cheerful post.

This is my first weekend for 8 months with no thesis writing hanging over me. I can't wait.

I've got little to do at work today, so I'll probably sneek off early. Hopefully the sunshine will last and I can go out have a pint in beer garden, thus replenishing my Vitamin D levels. This will make me feel very good.

I'll then have a relaxing evening in with my fiance, we'll probably watch that Red Nose malarky.

Then tomorrow is Super-Dooper Saturday. Three games of rugby and St. Patricks day all rolled in to one. Lots of friends are coming to Bath to watch the rugby, drink fermented vegtable drinks, and have lots of fun.

Elsewhere, other things that have made me laugh are Pikey Mikey "the sexist" Newell being relieved of his duties by L*t*n; that should see them down. Shouldn't laugh. Snigger

Oh and then there's the news that Nicolas Burdisso has been given a six match european ban for getting in the way of David Navarro's fist. Seems a bit harsh. If you havn't seen the amazing footage of the fight after last week's Champions league game, you can see it below, with the soundtrack it deserves.


Ed's retired now said...

Sad git. I shall be off to footie armed with my Israeli visa. Not sure if it extends to covering the WC match next week

Eisor said...

Ug- you are too cheerful.

Billyo said...

Don't worry - it doesn't happen often.