Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Better Blog

I've had some feedback from a few people regarding my blog and ways to improve it.

Firstly, apparently I should have more links and things to click on. This makes sense. It is the internet after all. As the name suggests, everything should be interconnected. Like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Except I'd imagine you can get to any other page on the tintinet with a lot less than six clicks. Expecially if you try here. You may also have noticed that I have added some links to some blogs I read. Go and read these by all means, but please come back.

Secondly, I have been told that even in a whinging blog, I should try to be happy and cheerful, at least occasionally. I am, after all, not yet a grumpy old bastard.

And finally, a good blog, I am assured, has lots of pictures and videos to look at.

So, in order to fulfil these last two criteria I give you my favourite place. A little corner of the internet that always makes me happy. Hope it has the same effect on you. Enjoy.


Matthew said...

What a day that was - I think I enjoyed it more then last May, as it happens.

Billyo said...

Me too, undoubtably.

It was much more unexpected, i.e. sneeking into 6th position a the last minute.

It was also closer to home. I was supping on a pint in the Moon Under Water in Watford an hour and a half after the final whistle. following Wembley. After Cardiff an hour and a half later I was sitting on a cramped train back to Bath.

Oh, and the best thing about Wembley was that I'd met GT about 8 weeks earlier (they day before the turning-point Tranmere game) and he had promised me we'd go up in the playoffs. I thought he was a senile old man. But I went to all the rest of the games and he was right. A legend and no mistake.