Friday, March 02, 2007

An Introduction

Hi, I'm billyo - have we met? I doubt it. The interweb is a large place.

I've been posting on other people's blogs for a while now, and finally, having worked out what’s going on, have been feeling the urge to post some of my own thoughts on my own blog. So here it is.

The general theme here will be me ranting about things which wind me up. I'll try to be witty; though as my fiancé keeps pointing out there comes a time during my rants when I stop making good points in a witty style, and start becoming a whinging, moaning bastard. I'll try not to cross that line too often and my apologies if I do. You can always stop reading. Oh, you already have.

Things that piss me off, include; modern customer service (or rather a lack thereof), lowest denominator tv, crap pop music, our national sports teams, so called public services and well.... everything. I am writing this to... well... relieve stress. Hopefully sharing my thoughts and finding the odd like-minded soul might help make me a saner man, and I might hope to live a long and happy life without my head exploding.

So, if you're still with me.... (thank you).... I shall begin....

There is a bloke who sells the Big Issue on Cardiff's Queen Street who wears whiter trainers than you can buy in any shop on the same street. I ask you, how can a man who is homeless have whiter-than-white trainers? Either he is not homeless, in which case I feel I should report him (as he has the bib and ID card and everything). Or, he is fair weather big issue seller who cares more for keeping his trendy trainers white than for feeding himself, and I might actually feel sorry for him.

Nope actually I don't. What a wanker.

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Matthew said...

Ah, good man. I look forward to your musings.