Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mellow Magic?

Last night, the glowing box in the corner of our living room made a statement that made me gasp with Horror. During the new CSI on Channel 5, there was an advert for a compilation CD called "Mellow Magic". I've nothing in particular against this type of wishy-washy music. You'll not catch me dead listening to Westlife, Micheal Bolton or Simply Red, but each to their own.

No the statement that horrified me was "this album will wash away the winter blues". Or something to that effect.

Holy Shit! This album is more likely to push you over the edge and have you reaching for the medicine cabinet for an O.D. than to clear your S.A.D.. This album will not cheer you up. It's got Phil Collins on it, for christ sake, how could it possibly cheer you up?

If you want to wallow in your own self pity then listen to this album. If you wanna cheer up, then go outside, get some sunshine on your skin, eat some fruit and go for a run. Believe me it'll work better than Luther Vandross.

P.S. The new CSI series is excellent - back to their best, now they have re-introduced some continuous storylines (i.e. a sick model-making serial killer) I highly recommend.

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