Monday, June 04, 2007

New London 2012 Olympic Logo

I'm no expert in branding or marketing. That's why I earn piss-all working for a public body.

However, despite not being an expert, I reckon this is embarrassing, child-like and really rather shit. However much it cost, it was that much too much.

New London 2012 Logo.

What's it meant to be? What was wrong with the rainbow stripes in the same shape as the Thames? I thought that was quite cool.

According to the press-release the new emblem is:

dynamic, evolving in the years between now and 2012

Which basically means they are gonna change the colour every few months and charge us even more money. Don't get me wrong, I'm very glad the Olympics are coming to the UK. I'm just also happy that I'm not a London tax-payer.


Matthew said...

It's rubbish.

Do you read The Fiver? Someone described it as looking like 'Lisa Simpson going down on her brother'.


Billyo said...

No I don't - though I will now.

And on a second inspection whoever said it is absoultely right. It is absurd. I can still only barely recognise it as 2012.

What's happened to your Yellow Fever blog btw? Are you binning it?

Matthew said...

Binned. Dead. I lost interest - I think we were the only two who read it.

Billyo said...

Fair enough, probably better off leaving it to the professionals [sic] over at BHaPPY.

Though I did enjoy the lightheartedness of Yellow Fever.

Especially as BHaPPY (and the mailing list) does seem to have gone all serious recently.

Eisor said...

Is that supposed to say 2012? I thought it was ZOR.
It hurts my head and I hate it.

Billyo said...

Yep - it's supposed to say 2012.

It's supposed to be young and funky.

And when I type those words I want to Wave my Arms around like Arnold Rimmer does when saying it in the episode of Red Dwarf when he talks about the TV channel where a hologram reads the news.

"Oh Groovy, Funky, Channel 27, you livvies hates us deadies."

Sorry... don't really know what that was about.
Where did I put my coat?

Ian said...

Even Brass Eye would have struggled to invent both that logo and the associated media reports..over to you Mr Blair:

'When people see the new brand, we want them to be inspired to make a positive change in their life'

Is he talking about cake?