Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bizzare Dress Sense

Just thought I'd share with you something I saw, as I was getting off the train this morning.

I followed out of the station, a man wearing a full-length Gothic-style leather jacket. He was also wearing tracksuit bottoms and trainers. Weird combo, right?

But what really blew me away was, upon crossing the road I overtook him and saw that he was also wearing a black shirt and red tie.

I'll just let that whole combo sink in for a second.

Shirt, tie, Gothic leathers, trackie bums and trainers.

I think he must have been some chav on his way to a job interview, and had been told by his probation officer to wear "all his best clothes".

Each to their own I suppose. Who am I to judge?

I didn't even brush my hair this morning.

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